I Over Thought This

It’s not about me

We are egotistic, see the world as it relates to us.

With this lens we attribute many mundane and random things as related to ourselves.

This is the same with other people’s actions.

When was the last time you took an action, considered that it might hurt someone one else and taken the action anyway? How often do you think about the ways in which you could hurt someone else and then take that action? Not that often (and if you do, perhaps you might consider getting tested for being a sociopath?).

You’re not doing that and most people are not that different from you, so they aren’t doing it either!

The actions they take are about them. They only consider them selves (and that is a normal human thing btw).

Becuase of this we often misattribute bad intent to the actions of others when in reality, they was never any intent of any kind, we were simply overlooked.

This is what I think is the basis for many conspiracy theories, the toxic political climate, group politics.

We fundementally misattribute others actions as malicious towards ourselves. But we are not that important. The world doesnt revolve around us. Others don’t think about use when they act. When they govern. When they make decisions.