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Jasper Lyons

This year I want to learn how to write.

Things I'm writing

React without Compilation 🔗

The first in a series of posts.

Lua on Rails 🔗

A series of posts about that time when I decided I wanted to develop websites in lua and wasn't happy with all of the existing frameworks so wrote my own, from scratch which I then never used (yet?).

Things I do now

Royal Holloway 🔗

I teach students software development, run development projects for Code Groovers. Currently I'm also trying to bring out the latent entrepeneurialism in the computer science students at RHUL.

Ignite 🔗

I occasionally help Wil and Gabbi organize the Ignite pre-accelerator and accelerator programs and do a little mentoring with the startups that participate.

Redacted: Secret Band

Redacted: I can't talk about it but I'm in a secret band 😉.

Things I've built / am building

Product Lab 🔗

An experiment in encouraging computer science students to build products that solve problems for 💰!

Offsite Scheduler 🔗

A little app that might one day actually help us schedule Ignite's mentor-startup speed dating sessions.

Ruberic 🔗

The hardest part of marking is giving feedback but it's also the most value part. I'm building tool to make giving effective feedback to students easier for educators in higher education.

Startup Intern 🔗

A small jobs board to help students @ RHUL find short term internships with startups (that I know 😉).

Release Platform 🔗

The company I co-founded and previously worked at as CTO. At the time we helped ecommerce retailers turn their customers into advocates!

KickAdvisor 🔗

A social media site for sneaker heads. It's passed on now but it was fun to build and launch.


An app I built that brought all of London's mid market fashion boutiques to your pocket. It's also passed on now but was my first foray into startups!